Memo is on a mission to change the world of fundraising! We want to help schools, charities and churches find new ways to fund their work, by offering items that everyone already loves...custom photo products.

When you Make a Memo, 50% of the proceeds from your order go back to the organization you are supporting. What are you waiting for? You've made your memories, now go Make a Memo and give back!


Have you ever bought cookie dough, wrapping paper or magazines to support a school or cause? Did you end up disappointed with the final products, or not use them at all?

Do you use your phone or camera to capture pictures of your day-to-day life? Do you post any of the photos to Facebook or Instagram? Wish you could have them in a book or canvas to share with family and friends?

Memo simply takes the beautiful photos you capture every day and creates a personalized photo product that is shipped directly to you...while supporting the school or cause of your choice. You end up with a product you love, and the organization receives a portion of the proceeds. Everybody wins!